Martin's Meditation Circle

Spirit and Michael through Martin Johnson

Krista opens the Circle with the sounds of the drum and her sounding.

Allow that energy to resonate in your body, to vibrate all your cells, to wash through your physical self, let it go deep within you. Let the energy clear you. Let it vibrate on your higher level. Let it be refreshing, like you’ve just walked into the shower and the energy has washed through you.

Sometimes the energy just burns forth and you are ready for that journey, the one you always knew you were on, but it is to keep the consistency of the energy, to keep the flame burning, to keep the light within burning strongly as possible. As you dip into the well of the unknown, ask for the light to be strong within you, whatever is needed, ask for it. There is no point when you are at your lowest, not asking, always remember that the energy will come to you. You may not feel it straight away, but it is with you. Even when you are full of this energy, still ask. It helps you identify the energy within.

It is when you are going around your daily routines that your conscious mind wanders. See if you can bring it back into your selves; hold the light in front of you so it makes it easier for your journey. It is so much easier when you can see your feet, when you can see what is around you, when you have the knowing inside you, and some of you have fallen away from this, this inner voice, this inner strength that you have called on many times, and yes we understand when we come into this third dimension how difficult it can be, there are many things that stop the light from shining within, but we ask you to remember this - let the light guide you.

You would not hold the candle behind you when you are walking in darkness, you would hold it out in front of you to show where you are going, so you would not trip; you would not bang into anything. We are just asking you to do this every day of your journey, to bring it into focus so it helps you, not hinders you, that the knowledge that is around you that you would receive clearly, and not in bits and pieces, or it is vague, because this is the time of clarity, this is the time when messages should be clearer, and your path should be easier, but is not always the case as you travel on your road.

Do not think that because sometimes your Guide is not always with you, or seems to be with you, that they are not. Sometimes they step back a bit to help you stand in your own strength, in your own knowing, but then we come back to you when you need our help. It is not that we have forsaken you; it is we are allowing to walk with your own feet as much as possible, to rely on the inner knowledge, but we are there.


As my friend was saying, it seems like we are not always with you, but we are. We are helping you always on your journey. If you touched your heart, you would feel it, you would feel us being so close to you. You can feel the love radiating as I speak.

I will show you this - Many time long ago there was a king, his name was Arthur and he had this sword, and only he could pull it from the stone. This was very much like the sword I carry, one of truth and justice, protection and only his vibration would release it from that rock. Many tried before him, but only the energy, the vibration of Arthur could release it from the stone.

Symbolically all of you have this sword in front of you, one of your very own and it is encased in stone, and yes your vibration will release it, because it is just for you, it is for your own vibration and your own energy, and you may not use this sword at all, you may leave it in its sheath, but it will always be with you from now on.

These swords are symbolic of the journey you are on, and how each one of you has their own vibration, and each one wields their own truth and justice within themselves, but sometimes you just need the symbology for it to come to you, so you understand, so wield your sword with strength and justice. You will know when to use it. You have always had the power. Love and light shines within you, always.

Spirit through Martin Johnson

Just let the energy flow into you. With each breath you go deeper within yourselves, your body fully relaxes. It is just a physical body, and your vibration is higher than this. It is just a tool for the Earth plane. Just let go of that tool, it is not necessary.

Let us add more to the dimension of time that as the energy waves come to you in various frequencies, that these waves can be shortened or made longer, as you see the radio wave in its different frequencies, and how you can change the tone and bring the frequency in closer or longer to it. This is how you should visualise time when you are working with this energy, that you can make it shorter or longer, because it is just a frequency of energy.

You have to break through your limitations and allow yourself to think much bigger. Connect to the Universal energy that everything is possible, that there is no limitation on your mind, because once you are outside of your physical body, everything is possible.

When you return to your true form of energy, you manipulate time quite easily. It is in your solid state on this Earth plane where you feel limited in your experience, but when you work within parameters and allow the energy to be shortened or made longer just by using the frequency of time, then it is all possible, then you can bend time with your own mind, because this is what we are doing, we are manipulating the energy, we are manipulating the particles, and this is all they are.

When you break it down to its simplest form, they are just particles of energy, and then it is possible to quicken or shorten the energy, just like you would do if you were heating water, and how the particles move quicker as water comes to the boil, but this is easier because you can see it happening, and when this differential in time you cannot physically see it to start with.

As your consciousness grows, as you accept you are far greater than your physical self, you will see how time can be moved, because it is just a frequency of energy.

You are now coming to a point in your evolution where this energy is converging with your energy and you allow yourself to be open to these streams, and how you can manipulate, if you wish, the energy.

We will just add one more thing as we talk of time, because this is what is coming, so you can also reference 3 times lines - the possibilities are there, not just one, but move in to 2 other fields of energy which you have already created. This of course takes more mastery, but you will see that once you work with the energy that the possibilities open more for you on many levels of your existence, so you may see your time line, but another time line next to yours working faster or slower in the same instant, and then another time line on your other side.

Think of these possibilities that sometimes you are only limited by your physical self and the expansion of the mind, and when you plug into Universal energy, all possibilities come to you.

Spirit through Martin Johnson

Krista uses her beautiful voice for sounding, plus her Blessings Chimes and drum.

Some of you will feel so connected to that song. In past lifetimes you have heard this before, maybe sitting on the bank of the Nile on a hot summer night. Feel this connection, may be you were with others in the same room, maybe you feel connected from another lifetime. The vibration, the song goes back many lifetimes. It touches your energy so you remember; you have a pull to the energy.

It is like a kaleidoscope as you move it around a different picture will appear, never the same one, the colours are changing, the shape is changing, but there is always a connection to the next one, and to the past, and to the future, even if they never repeat themselves, there is still a connection of energy, and this is how you are all connected on many levels of your existence, with each other, the past, the present and the future.

All of these computations, millions of variations, but within each variation there is a connection. Some connections you feel more stronger, maybe that life was more eventful, maybe this one is more eventful and you feel it bubbling inside of you, ready to burst forward with some new knowledge. We ask those that are ready to come forward, to bring knowledge, to share and to inspire, to help others on their journey, to support, but to bring your selves on this journey.

Then there is free choice on the planet to go and do whatever you feel you need to do in this lifetime, to experience, to change this planet of learning that so many seek to come to, to experience, and then maybe reborn back onto the same planet.

When one fully understands the bigger picture, which may not be shown to them until they leave their physical body, but to have strength, to know that the doors will open to those that are willing to walk through them, that you are on the road to bringing the higher vibration to the planet, all of you a greater understanding and spiritual awareness.

We ask you to free yourself of limitations, to may be tread in the mud where you feel that you are making no progress, but you are. It is that you are endeavouring to go on that path that makes you stronger. It is opening your hearts and minds to the journey ahead. Sometimes when there is a need to stop, to wait, this is okay as well, and if you are not sure, ask and we will help you again to find the direction you need to go.

Even though some of you have been on the journey a long time, in some respects it has only just started.

We are all one together. And so it is.

Michael through Martin Johnson

We are glad that our friend talked about particles and healing, because we do not see you as a solid, we see you as light and energy, and at any one time you are glowing full of light. It is only in the third dimension that you feel the heaviness of your planet, and this is why we are still working on bringing the vibration of your planet to the next level, so it takes the weight from your physical selves, and you become lighter in density, when no disease can ever attach itself to you, when you become as large as the room, all the particles are so far apart that nothing can attach themselves to them, it is just air and space, and this is what you really are.

All healing can be done on this level, just to bring the white light through the body, through the cells that are vibrating, and then go to the next level to the neutrons and the atoms, and when you look you will see space in between, and only energy, and this is how you are outside your physical body.

You are already this that we have talked about, but to have an experience on this third dimensional planet you have devised a physical body so you can actually feel more. You created the world that you live on, the density and now you are changing it yourself to move to the next level of awareness, to vibrate on that higher level of existence, and in each step you move further in frequency, the more lighter you become, the more you will accept this new reality that you are creating.

The more you sit in meditation the lighter you become, the more awareness comes into your physical and spiritual selves, and then as your awareness goes higher you will feel like you are floating inside your physical body, ready to step out of it at any time with your own awareness, and then you will be able to look back at your physical body and heal yourself, and then eventually discard the physical body all together as you move to many layers of existence.

It is when the mind is ready to let go, to fully understand who you really are that all this becomes possible, and that the shell that you are in is no longer needed, that the planet really moves into the next dimension of existence, and the time and space means nothing, it is just a word. It was a reference point from where you started on your journey on this planet, and it was never meant to hold you as much as it has, but with free will you took it fully without exception, but freedom is coming, a time of release, a time where your perception grown higher, your awareness is all around you.

Even these short journeys in meditation free your physical body and yourselves from each other, opens your awareness to what lies beyond.

Spirit through Martin Johnson

There are so many opportunities opening up on the planet, so many doorways. Do not think that you are being blocked; sometimes it is waiting for the right doorway, for the right opportunity, but also asking for this right opportunity to come to you. You need to have the doorway, you need to have the pathway, and then you need to trust that it is going to come, and then be ready to step through the doorway as it opens.

Just allow yourself to walk through and see the possibilities. One doorway could lead to three, there are so many combinations waiting for you, and maybe someone else opens the doorway to allow you to walk through. You saw the opportunity and you took it.

It is so symbolic at this time that you have moved into your Spring, and have you got the seeds ready to plant in the ground? Once you have the doorway open, then the possibilities can spring from this. It may take a little bit of time for things to grow, but if you don’t plant them to start with, if you don’t spread the seeds then nothing will grow.

Many on your planet talk about timing, being at the right place at the right time, but it is the combination of possibilities. We have talked about creating and that you are now the Masters of Creation, and that sometimes when you least expect it, the creation works the best, just that thought in the mind and the next day it appears in front of you, and then other things take longer, but open your awareness so your Spirit friends and Guides can help you in the creation process, in opening the right door at the right time, going down the right path, and following the path right to the end result, and then understanding how you joined all the dots together with a successful outcome.

Sometimes remember that the seed still needs to be cared for until it grows strong, the idea, the energy as you form it, create it, plant it, feed it, water it, you put your love into it. These are all important things still to do on the journey, to open the mind fully to this concept, to really open one’s heart to the idea, to then place it in the third eye, to keep reenergising the thought, the idea, to place energy in to it and around it.

Just think of all those things that you have achieved already, and the passion that went into those, and the pathways that were created, and how easy it was once you found the right path. It is just a matter of doing it in the same way, getting that passion, following the path of least resistance, and allow it to flower fully, then you will feel the heart sing with energy, because the creation vibrates at your energy, it sings when you sing. It is really a part of your creation and is a part of you; a part of your own energy, even when it is connected to another, your energy is still connected to it, and still vibrates to your energy as well as theirs.

This frequency exchange is the same as most things that you do on many levels of your existence, and then you can see it, feel it, vibrate with it, and this is how you can make it grow through this energy field that you have created, the pathway.

Spirit through Martin Johnson

We are asking to ask you to dip your toes in the water again. You know that feeling when you first touch the cold water, that it sends that shiver through your body, you think to yourself “do I go in or not, it is very cold?” Then as you immerse more of yourself into the water you can feel yourself warming your body, adjust itself until you are in completely.

This is what is happening at the moment, shall you put yourself as deep as you can, or just stand with just your feet in the water, you take that step and go deeper, and allow yourself to submerge completely in the water, and how freeing would that really be if you just let yourself go, become immersed completely, your whole self.

The whole experience of being on the planet, not just having your toes, but immerse yourself in the whole experience, because some of you may not come back again, this might be the last time you visit in a physical form, and the experiences that you have in this lifetime will open up many doorways, many things that you cannot understand at this particular point of time in your own evolution.

Most of you have come here for the learning, for the experience, the interaction with all those around you, and what if you dive straight in instead of going in slowly. Yes it might take your breath away to start with, but how invigorating because you put yourself in straight away. It washes straight over you, you feel your heart pounding, you feel it wash all over you, you feel alive, and then as you watch from the water, all the others intending to make their mind up whether to come in the water or not, standing on the side lines, some with their feet in, some just standing by the edge, and you are enticing them to come to come, to join with you in the experience.

This is what is happening, isn't really. You are on your path, you have dived in the deep end, if you wish, and now all around you are those waiting, unsure, but you're enticing them saying “once you are in, the water is fine”. Your body is warm to the water and they are still on the outside wondering whether they should come into the water at all, but that is the next part of the journey, is to hold your hand out and invite these other who are still unsure of their journey, unsure of their path, which direction it will take, but you hold out your hand to them, inviting them to join you, telling them that the journey has only just begun really, that there is much more once they jump in, and the water supports their weight and it feels different than it is on the dry ground, but their body is supported by the water.

This is how we are supporting you. You may not feel it every day, but your body is supported my Spirit. It takes the weight off your physical body, it allows you to relax even more in the beautiful water, knowing that you are totally supported, that you can just lie on your back and allow the water to support you in so many ways that you don't have to struggle any more, that you can just relax yourself completely and trust the water.

It is very symbolic of where you are at, and how those on the edges of the water just need some support to come in to support themselves, to free themselves, to feel the water supporting them.

Symbolically you are energised by the water, it is so symbolic of everything on your planet, it brings life, you drink it, food comes through the water. Without thinking about it, it is so supporting of you. It washes and cleanses so many things from your body.

Spirit and Michael through Martin Johnson

The Circle opens with the Krista and the Crystal bowls


Allow the energy to build, your physical body is just the vessel, feel the energy still vibrating right in the very centre of your soul, radiating out that spark of Light, the ignition, that part of Divine Self. It is in there, you don't need to look for it. The more aware you become, the easier it is to find that spark of Light. You don't need to look for it, it will find you.

The frequency of sound brings your body back into alignment, helps your body resonate with the energies that are coming to the planet, makes you more clearer in your understanding. The more you can focus the energy into your well being, the easier it is for you.

Let go of everything else, but just be that spark of Light, like a candle, that flame of the candle you see, and then every now and again you see a small breeze and the candle flickers, and this is how sometimes you are on your Spiritual journey.


Go deeper now, feel that energy. Do not fight it, surrender to it, surrender like you never surrendered before, allow it to come to you. Why have you never surrendered before?

There is nothing to fear. Let it sweep through your body. How can you not surrender to this Love that is coming to you? Have you never really looked inside that flame, that spark of Light in your heart that sometimes glows so bright that everyone can see it, and then there are times when it nearly goes out, and any moment you think that it is gone, but then the Light comes back brighter than ever from deep inside of you.

We have always come with Love; we have always come to raise the energy within you. It is only when your Light burns dimly and you feel yourself so fully grounded on this planet, so thick with this energy, so overcome by just living here, but then the flame burns brightly again, releasing, releasing you from this third dimension.

If I said the Angels were singing all around you, listen, listen to them call your names in triumph, because it has never been easy to live here, there is always small things, small hurdles to overcome, and we are endeavouring to help you over them.

Feel this energy, it never disappears. It is your perception when your candle is at its lowest ebb that you feel the heaviness of the planet.

This is why we bring you together to share the candle of Light within all of you, and see how brightly you can see it in others how it shines. When you think your path is dimly lit, you can always use your Heart Light to show the path, to show which way you are to go.

We come to help you take out the highs and the lows, to bring more balance into all of you. We know that your path is not easy on this planet.

When I talked a long time ago about the Bridge of Light and that you were building the Bridge as you went, not only for yourselves but for those that are following. You are still on the Bridge, building it with others, joining together and sometimes it seems that you will never make it to the other side, that the Bridge spans such a long way, and as you look down from your Bridge, that seems a long way as well, but we have never left.

Even though you are the first to build the Bridge for others to follow, when it is completed everyone will see, everyone will then understand why, how and where you have been going, and that it may have been not an easy journey, but you have made it easier for the next that are coming, and it is always more difficult for those who are first, but you asked to come on this journey, you asked to be one of the leaders, the people that built the Bridge, that helped the planet move forward so that there was no repeating of the past, that that was all gone, and that you had clear knowledge of what was happening.

Let these words sink into yourselves; let them vibrate like the music did, let them resonate in your body.

Remember, we are always here holding your hand, standing next to you.
I leave you with Love and Light.

Michael through Martin Johnson


This is called "Reconnection". When you reconnect with some part of your life in this time, or you go to another lifetime to reconnect with yourself, or with someone that you know, you may be unaware of this journey at this particular time, but sometimes these reconnections can help you piece together something that is happening in this lifetime, and be the final piece in the jig saw puzzle that you have pondered over, so just let the experience wash over you.

There is sometimes a trigger for these reconnections, something that happens in your lifetime that helps you bridge that unknown part of yourself, in other times there is a knowing, a place, a time when you knew you were someone else, and maybe had connections to the same people that you do now.

This energy just harmonises with yours and allows the transfer to happen more easily. Not everyone will have the same experience because you are Multidimensional Beings, experiencing different things on many different levels of yourself, and maybe this journey is not necessary for yourself, but for others it will be an important part of their puzzle.

As we started tonight I was talking to my friend here about what was happening, and he was most reluctant, but I have explained to him that it is not for him, the message is for everyone. He is the tool that allows the energy to flow. Always remember this when working with Spirit. There are certain things that must be said, you must open yourself to all possibilities. This is the way you grow within yourselves. It is good to maybe debate with us, we are open to this, but when the energy is right, the message will follow. If you choose to open yourself to these energies, you must accept what comes.

You may have noticed in your meditations of late that the energy has changed, subtly, but it is. Just walk with us hand in hand, we will always help you, to steer you into that right dimension. Just allow the energy to wash over you, around you, bring it into your aura.

When you are moving from one time line to another, if you are going, to say the past, to another lifetime, just remember to bring something back with you, something will stick out for you, whether it is a pair of shoes, a jewellery box, it is something to remind you that you went to this different time line, and when you see it, it is for you to remember symbolically, and to bring back, so that you can picture it in your mind, and it allows you to recreate the event. When you think of this it will stand out for you, it will shine really brightly, especially those are having faces coming to them, and they are not sure who they are.

Michael through Martin Johnson

When you send healing, you send your white light; enforce it with the word 'love', not just healing. The vibration of love is so strong, just saying the word vibrates the energy. It vibrates into that person’s heart when you direct it to someone that you love yourself, let it be unconditional love so it radiates into them.

When you do it in this way it will vibrate on many levels of their being, that you give it freely and you see it going deep within them, even for people that you don’t know, you send love from your heart, and this is something that we can all share together, to make the vibration higher.

There are so many Masters that came to your planet that did miraculous healings through love, and the vibration is the same today, that if every person unified in love, there would be no wars, there would be just peace on your planet.

Always remember that freewill is still for the other person to accept, they need to open themselves for the healing as you send your Love and your Light to them. Until they can really open themselves, no healing can come to them.