History of the Spiritual Mission of Noarlunga Inc

There is an old saying that from little acorns great oaks grow.

The small seed began to grow at the beginning of the year 2000. At that time, Tom and Pam Lusted held a development group in their home at Flagstaff Hill. On average, 9 people attended the group.

At the end of each evening, the attendees enjoyed a cuppa and a chat. It was during one of these chats that a discussion rose on how residents in the south were cut off from the nearest Spiritual Churches. The closest one was in Morphettville run by Reverend Bill Haylock and which we all regularly attended. Other churches were in the city, Northfield, Port Adelaide, Findon and Elizabeth.

An idea suddenly became obvious - we could find out how to start a spiritual mission in the south.

The people responsible were John Hocking, Alison Newton, and Tom and Pam Lusted. We went to look at what John Hocking described as the perfect place for our mission and we couldn’t believe the energies we all picked up from the building. Several of us saw a young woman walking around with us. When asked what she was doing, she told us that she had come to buy her wares. We thought that this was a strange answer until we realised that the building was located in Market Square.

After that first look at the Institute Building on Patapinda Road, Old Noarlunga, it was agreed that if we could hire the building we would create our spiritual centre in the south.

The Spiritual Mission of Noarlunga opened its doors for the first time on 20 January 2001.

At first the congregations were small. However, as the weeks passed, people began coming regularly, friendships were formed, and the mission began its journey.

Sadly in 2005 Reverend John Hocking was unable to continue as leader. We appointed Reverend Ann Wigzell, who like her predecessor worked along with Spirit bringing a light to the south.

So the small acorn has matured into the beautiful tree it is today and with everyone's loving energies being used to carry on its humble beginnings it will continue to flourish.