About Us

The Spiritual Mission of Noarlunga is a place to share your spiritual journey with like-minded people, friends and family and loved ones, we come together, to experience spirit, there are so many different stories of how spirit comes into the individuals life, but all roads leads to the same place, whether you are endeavouring to find your place in the world, understanding how spirit works as they can manifest in different ways.

Some have experienced spirit as a young child, some through a family member that passes too quickly, and they need answers to questions that nothing else but spirit can provide.

We have a Sunday service where we endeavour to provide evidence of spirit. Our Friday night development is very varied, as we cover lots of metaphysical disciplines and excises in a relaxed way to learn.

The belief that the spirit lives on after the body has gone, to bring comfort to those who are seeking their loved ones , being respectful and coming from a place of love, especially if that loved one has passed too early.

To have this contact can be reassuring, that their loved one has found peace, and can communicate to them that the human spirit is ever lasting.